The Place Where I Go to Write – Jacki Kellum Picture! Prop Memoir


What An Interesting Writing Day This Has Been!

After writing all day about walls and webs and self-deceit, my evening prompt [not my prompt but WordPress’s prompt that prompts me] is “Where Do You Go to Write?

Since I have turned over an entirely new leaf, I’ll be totally honest. I sit on my bed–laptop on lap–in my dirty, cluttered room, and I let it rip. I don’t even burn candles. My only candle is still outside in my jack-o-lantern’s mouth.

I would love to say that I go out into my gorgeous garden to write, or that I trek off to a cliff and meditate, but I don’t even join the throngs at Starbucks’ tables. Instead, I sit at home in my uninspiring room–propped up in bed–and I simply write.

I feel as though I should say something much more glamorous–oh how we love to be Romantic and believe that we are all born again Jane Austens,  but Romantic notions often are not the truth.

Many years ago, I read some illustrated books–very simple things–by Sark. She said that she loves her bed and that her bed is the place that she creates. Sark’s saying that she creates from her bed has given me permission to say it, too:

I love my bed, and that is where I write. Perhaps I can pass the torch along!

I am on a kick of providing people with superior images and songs to serve as writing prompts.

That process has begun to develop on another site. Here

Moments before I discovered my own prompt for today, I had written about life’s webs and how they strap us into a type of non-being. Here

I wrote about Walls and about how they have affected my life Here

One of the worst of our walls is that which we build around ourselves–it is the wall that is created when we say what we think people expect us to say–or when we say nothing at all [simply because our doing so makes someone else uncomfortable].  I have given up on that kind of game-playing. It is a wonderful and liberating feeling to be free of at least some of my games.

Because I am sharing songs and images now, I searched for a good song about “Place” and found the video at the bottom. Notice that after sharing a throng of gorgeous images, the song at the bottom says that “the Place” is in our hearts. The entire piece at the bottom is a bit saccharine for my taste, but you might enjoy the images and the music is pretty.

My first thought about a “Place” song was one that Petula Clark sang when I was in college. As I watched that video again, I wondered how I escaped my  youth in the sixties and seventies.. In fact, I almost did not!  Regardless, you must watch the following video and check out the guy in the red jacket. I do wonder what trip he is on. Please suffer through this video. You MUST see the man in red. Mr. White is in a cage. You don’t realize that until midway through the video. I hope that someone set him free.

This video illustrates why my kids hate me. I still dance like this, and I do it OUT LOUD!

You have to watch the Wix ad first. It is pretty wacky and fun! Wait for it!

Copyright Jacki Kellum November 8, 2015

There Is A Place

Music by Beth Pederson & Cinde Borup
Photography by Rita French

There is a place where you can always go,
Come with me!

Where it’s all right to let your feelings show,
Come with me! …

We can go together,
Stay right where you are

And now it’s time to start,
It’s right here in your heart.

There is a place, where you can be yourself,
Come with me!

And it’s a place, where you can free yourself,
Come with me!

And you know it’s waiting not so far away ….


7 thoughts on “The Place Where I Go to Write – Jacki Kellum Picture! Prop Memoir

  1. Tolkien wrote The Lord of the Rings sitting at a writing table or desk with an electric heater set on the floor before his feet. He had no visual or sensoral reminders placed around him of Orcs and Elven swords and hobbits’ homes or kingly castles. He wrote and took the drafts to a local pub to read to his friends who read their draftings back. He also sent copies of the work in progress to his son Christopher serving in the RAF during World War II. Pretty unadorned process for the creating of an epic of many races and realms. I sit on the bed as well, because I like to sit cross-legged. I brought a laptop over and starting writing this way each day. I used to sit in a chair writing on a larger computer at the kitchen table. When my cat got sick and pretty much spent the whole day lying down, I placed her near my pillow on the bed and started working on the bed, too. Now it’s where I am each day and how I work. Maybe that will change sometime if I ever have a grown-up office again to which I must report. Thanks yet again for evocative work. I guess I should look for an image representing what I do and how. A digital representation of my cat might do except that I don’t have one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Couch, I wish that I knew the number of facts that you know. You should be on one of those games. I just shoot from my gut–with no knowledge of what I should say–you have the facts to back you up. Thanks.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks. I like facts in the form of stories. My students used to say I should be on Jeopardy! though I never passed the hat around to purchase a ticket west. You write stories in the form of verse and recorded testimony that you also word. These are the better forms of knowledge to me. (Sorry, novel, I like you, too.)

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