Spending My Days in Bed Writing and Other Guilty Pleasures – Jacki Kellum Memoir


Yesterday, I was prompted to admit that my writing does not evolve from any Romantic venue. Instead, I merely prop up on my ruffled sheets and write. Here

Today’s WordPress prompt beckons me to elaborate on that post.

I do not have many of the luxuries that 21st Century Americans cannot live without. In some ways, I do not even have the luxuries that were customary in the 20th Century, but I do allow myself the luxury of spending most of my days doing whatever I want to do. At this moment, I am enjoying writing, and as I said in the previous post, when I write, I spend the day propped up in bed–laptop on lap–writing.


Even while I am luxuriating in doing what I like to do for hours–for months–for years at a time, I often admit to myself that I have made unconventional choices. I am not totally sure when I began living my life in this way. I think that it might have been when I was 20 and was nearly killed in a car wreck.

After I evolved from my coma and then my wheelchair, I took a penetrating look at myself. I recognized that until that time, I had been living according to everyone else’s clock and according to everyone else’s expectations of me. Because I had experienced the reality that life is often short, I realized that I needed to make a life change and begin to actually live the days of my life.

The shift was not sudden. In fact, moving into myself has taken 65 years, but I do feel that I have reached that spot now; and I no longer even feel guilty for having allowed myself to become a bit of a Hedonist.

In short, having come very near to dying, when I was actually very young, has been a life-altering change for me. I certainly would not opt to go through that experience again, but in retrospect, I can see that nearly dying is what gave me the courage to live.


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