What Another Friend Said about Walls and Robert Frost – Jacki Kellum Memoir


The Topic “Wall” Must be Near and Dear to People Who Read My Blog

After posting about Robert Frost’s Mending Wall and my own family’s walls, a WordPress Blog Friend Christopher Couch commented:

Frost wrote two poems about fences. The other one goes the other way, and I keep forgetting about it. Most of the fences I see don’t work. They’re for decoration. Living near Gettysburg, however, I am often reminded of the wooden fences that were thrown up in desperate haste and the natural fences there, too. The hope was to defeat, certainly, though I wonder if it was more the hope to feel defended. Once I was running in a creek with my dog, when he found an open space in a fence that I wouldn’t fit through. As a mischief, through he went and suddenly was amid cows inside the fence. I felt annoyance and fear–the fear was greater and over the prospect of my dog being stepped on by a cow so much bigger than he. I also noted that the cows and dog were of the same colors, black and white, which I imagine has nothing to do with anything. Eventually, my dog responded to my calls and came back under–nonchalantly, of course. Fences and neighbors? Both have good uses, so how about fences neighbor-waist high that we can talk over? Thanks!

Again, I am moved to tears. I am both moved by one of my favorite poets Robert Frost and because he had spoken to me long ago about the fences and walls that continue to confuse me.

I am also moved by my friend, who–like no other person that I know–reads every word that I write and takes the time to comment, too.

Several weeks ago, I blasted Facebook “Friends” Until weeks ago, my experience with social media had been disappointing. I had only encountered shallowness and pettiness. At the beginning of October, I took an online poetry class. I had decided that I was weary of playing by everyone else’s rules–by keeping myself quiet–so that others would feel more comfortable. In October, I decided to end my charade and pull off my mask.

What I wrote was honest–finally. When I dug down into the wells of my being and invited what was in the depths to come out, my words began to spill.

In a Build-It-They-Will-Come way, new friends have embraced me and have loved me for what I said and not for my saying nothing at all. God Bless the Social Media that I Discovered Was Actually There and God Bless Christopher Couch! [Incidentally, I have never met Chris face-to-face]

It is important to note that the part of Social Media that I have discovered and like was there before I took off my mask. I just didn’t offer anyone anything to care about–in me. Sometimes the best place to bring about change–is within–or without, as the case was in my deciding to write.


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