Learning to Find Your Own Images and Post Them to Facebook, You Can Actually Find Freinds There – Jacki Kellum

Until this month, I had been fairly disgusted with Facebook. In fact, at best, it seemed to me that the adults there were into a type of toddler-like parallel play.


When I look at the definition of parallel play, however, I must say that I do not believe that most of the activity on facebook is equal to that of parallel play. In parallel play, the children are at least interested in each other. In most cases, I am not sure that adults are at all interested in what other adults post on facebook.

In most cases, facebook is no more than a bunch  of isolated people who seem to be throwing random tidbits into the facebook cyber air.

In most cases, facebook friends are not friends at all–in most cases, they are not close associates. 


For My Facebook “Friend”
by Jacki Kellum

Screen seen
Glitter glean
Lonely people
In between.

Reaching far,
Catch a star
How I wonder
Who you are.

Copyright Jacki Kellum October 5, 2015
All Rights Reserved

Before this month, I had seen a lot of people on facebook who talk past each other–or worse than that, they USE each other. For the most part on facebook, one person says something; another person says something else; and another person says something entirely different.

In most cases, the people are not communicating. They are not even connecting. 

We must be reminded that talking or writing or posting are not the same things as communication. Communication requires that one person’s message not only be heard or seen by another–but that it be absorbed by that other person, too. Otherwise, when a string of words is only emitted and no one actually receives those words, we are little better than living on a Tower of Babel, where everyone is speaking his own language–a language that no one else can interpret or even worse, no one wants to interpret.

In today’s platform of texting, facebook poking, email, etc., the problem of miscommunication is pandemic.

In my opinion, I believe that some significant changes need to sweep over the people who use Facebook.

People who call themselves Friends on Facebook should learn to BE Friends.

The drive to have 4,009 Facebook “Friends” for which one has no concern at all should be nipped in the bud. There should be another name for the statistics that most people aspire toward when they “Friend” people on facebook.

Most people should just be honest and call their Facebook “Friend” conquests: Facebook-Notches-on-Their-Gunbelts.

I am making a sincere effort to respond to other peoples’ honest efforts to communicate on Facebook, and I have quit responding to people who never respond to the things that I post on Facebook.

In most cases, most people need to create their own material to post on Facebook.

I think that are only about 1,000 posts that are floating around on Facebook. Those posts have an image and a little quote and they function a bit like canned laughter. Even though everyone has seen that tidbit 10,000 times before, we are expected to see it; chuckle; “like” it; and perhaps even share it again.

That is not communicating.

If you are a person with anything to say, find your own image on Google images and say something about it. Don’t just reshuffle the same stuff over and over. Find something new to say; select an image and say it.

Autumn scene. Fall. Trees and leaves in sun light

I envision a better tomorrow where, through social media, more people will actually CONNECT!

Join the Jacki Kellum Writing & Illustrating Challenge and learn how to find original things to say; how to find the images to say it; and how to just get it done!

Everyone Is Invited to Join the Jacki Kellum 6- Word Memoir Challenge Where ANYONE Will be able to write and illustrate their memoir. Jacki Kellum will post new exercises every 2 or 3 days. Upon completion of the exercises, Jacki Kellum has a special prize for every participant who finishes the course!Jacki Kellum Memoir Challenge Writing & Illustrating Challenge.

The Challenge will be an easy game that contains 36 exercises, between now and December 31 See Game

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5 thoughts on “Learning to Find Your Own Images and Post Them to Facebook, You Can Actually Find Freinds There – Jacki Kellum

  1. This is so true. People have forgotten that communication is a two-way venue (at least). It requires that a message be sent, understood, and somehow be acted upon. I teach writing in high school, and this concept is difficult to get across to my students. I think you have pin-pointed why I am having trouble understanding that it is not enough that they write something, but that what they write must actually convey meaningful content to someone else. If you don’t mind, I would like to pass along your words to my classes. Thank you for this!

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