I Have Finally Discovered That Social Media Really Can Be a Community – Jacki Kellum Illustration Challenge

I have been blogging for 2 years, and I have been on Facebook for several years. Honestly, I have never quite understood what the big deal is about Social Media. In fact, before this month, it had seemed that social media was Much Ado About Nothing! During the month of October, 2015, I have begun to see the light!

Because of blogging and social media, I bumped into a WordPress Poetry class  30 days ago. That class absolutely rocked my world, inspiring me to get back into the game and to start creating again. Probably 50 poems later and 300 blog posts later, I launched my own Social Media Challenge. I didn’t know whether anyone would participate or not. I am delighted by the few brave souls who decided to give my challenge a whirl.

A person who was one of my dearest friends almost half a century ago and whoI have not seen since then has joined the challenge. Because of her, I recalled memories of things that we shared as a kid; and I was thrilled that life gave me a chance to reconnect with her. Social Media made that happen.

Through my writing this month, I have made some actual social media friends who I honestly believe understand me better than the people that I see every day and yet, I have NEVER actually seen them not physically talked to them by telephone. We talk and we share via the Internet. Our sharing is more than social media hype. It is a community.

Since I left home, I have hardly seen anyone back in that area–and that includes 2 nieces that I HAVE gotten to know this month, through my blog and the memoir that I am sharing there.

I live on the East Coast and one of my nieces lives on the West Coast. Never the twain would have ever met again, were it not for social media.

One of my nieces is living in a remote area of California and has no computer. She texted me that she wanted to participate in my writing and illustrating challenge and asked me if she could do so without a computer. I told her to find pics on her phone and send those to me. She did it. She expanded, and I expanded with her.

Community is any group of individuals who are brought together in one way or more. Finally, I have discovered that there can be an actual community in social media; and I do not believe that most of what I see on Facebook is an actual community.


What My Niece Said for her Illustration Challenge Day 1: Here Peace!

I believe it was in the Road Less Traveled that Scott Peck said that in a life well lived, we are either reaching forward and allowing someone to pull us along; or we are reaching back, pulling someone behind us along. In either case, people are actually TOUCHING–CONNECTING.

Before this month, I have seen a lot of people who talk past each other on social media–or worse than that, they USE each other. Facebook is filled with adults who, like toddlers, parallel play. One person says something; another says something. In most cases, the people are not communicating. They are not connecting.

I envision a better tomorrow where, through social media, more people actually CONNECT!


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