Fall Has Finally Arrived in New Jersey – A State with 4 Full Seasons

Sometime within the past week, fall completely arrived in Southern New Jersey. When I walked outside this morning, it was cool–in fact, it was crisp; and over the past few days, I have noticed that the trees are finally wearing their party clothes.

Here Comes the Parade!
by Jacki Kellum

How different are the days between September and November.
September, with an occasional gust of fresh, crisper air,
is still primarily warm, lush, and emerald green.

Although shoppers rush to buy fall wreaths
and trinkets for their yards then,
September actually is not fall.

October begins
like the tail of the month before.
Yet, it is in October, that we will watch the world transform.

By mid-October, the air is beginning to become chillier.
Air conditioners are put to bed
And flannel shirts come out of storage.

By mid-October,
honey has begun kissing the edges of the leaves,
And a hint of red echoes from within them.

By the end of October, there are more cool days than not
Fires are lit and heaters begin to blow,
Bringing relief from morning’s dampness and evening’s chill

The painter, with his chariot of colors appears
And with his rainbow brush–
A full-blown circus parade arrives.

Copyright Jacki Kellum October 15, 2015
All Rights Reserved


2 thoughts on “Fall Has Finally Arrived in New Jersey – A State with 4 Full Seasons

  1. I like this reading of fall. It’s wondrous when the colors on leaves finally appear. Here where I live, fall has been peaking slowly, which is fine–I enjoy the process and the results. I wonder what someone who doesn’t live in four seasons will respond to this work of yours? I lived in southern California for a time. There are two seasons there–green and brown. I was glad to be back within four. But for someone who never has had these? Thanks!


  2. I spent most of my life in Mississippi; and that is the same as California — Green and Brown. I get sick of the black ice in February, but otherwise, I love the 4 seasons here.


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