How to Find & Save Google Images on a Microsoft PC


First, you need to create a place to save your images. We will save our images in the Pictures Library.

The Documents Library is where you save Word Documents.

The Pictures Library is where you save images.

To open the Pictures Library, click on the microsoft button on the bottom left, where the arrow in the above image is pointing.


Once you have clicked on the bottom left icon, your programs open. On the right, in the darker area, is where the Pictures Library is located. Click on Pictures, where the red arrow in the above image is pointing.

images -3

You Pictures library may appear to have nothing. I have tons of images, and I have created folders for various kinds of images. Once you select an image, you can either create a folder or just drop your image in the space.

Now, to find a Google Image: go to

Click at the top right on the word Images


When the Google Image screen opens, you will enter your search word or phrase in the search window


Type your search word or phrase in the box

google images -3a

Then click on the blue box


Tons of images will appear in all the same sized thumbnails. Once you find what you like,

DOUBLE CLICK on that image


The selected image will appear larger on the left. RIGHT CLICK on the larger image

You will have several options, select Save image as

Be sure that you are in your Images Library and scroll to the folder you want, name the image,  and just drop the image


Now, if you are posting the images on facebook, you click on the place to insert image; go back to your pictures library, and click on the image and post.

Copyright Jacki Kellum October 30, 2015

All Rights Reserved


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