Reasons Why Images Are Better for Social Media, Blogging, Presentation than Words


I have another experiement for you. Look at the above image, and then look at the following slide. Which do you think will most readily catch your eye–especially on social media–which darts past you quickly?

Autumn scene. Fall. Trees and leaves in sun light

No doubt, most of us will respond more quickly and more strongly to the top image.

When the image and the words can be put together, the impact is about as good as it gets.

The absolutely worst choice is the final one–text and nothing more than that.

There is a reason for this phenomenon, and no doubt to try to explain this borders on the opening of the proverbial Pandora’s Box, but let’s give it a shot:

The words that we use — are inadequate tools that we throw toward a representation of what we are feeling or what we understand within us. Words are mere strings of letters that a human created to serve as code for what we feel when we see the image firsthand. If we seek to truly understand another person’s words, we need to dive deeper than the word itself–down to the marrow or the essence of what has been said. In Taoism, that essence is called the Nameless. The Nameless essence, which should inspire the artist and/or writer, is a much deeper quality than that of a superficial string of letters.

The Nameless [or the Wordless — or the Textless] essence springs from the wells of one’s being.

When we think about this tree or that tulip or that misty night, we don’t think in terms of the letters that spell those things. We think in terms of the images that the words bring to mind.

Consider this: Cave men drew images on walls. They did not create strings of letters or of symbols to render their responses as communication walls, they sought to copy the image that they saw.

Very simply said, humans think in images, and they remember in images.

I have masters’ degrees in both visual art and English, with emphasis in writing. I do both fairly well; but invariably, when I seek to write ANYTHING, I first conjure that image in my mind and then I simply write words that I have come to understand as those which are symbolic of those words.

The natural immediate process is in image — selecting the word is a 2-part process, and for that reason, it will never have the impact that an image will have.

See more about that here: Statistics Prove the Importance of Images Jacki Kellum

Copyright Jacki Kellum October 28, 2015

All Rights Reserved

I found a blog post that does an excellent job of explaining what I am saying. Blog Post

“.Listen to this fact: If information is presented orally, we remember about 10% three days later. However, if a picture is added in, that figure goes up to 65%.

“We don’t remember words. What was the last series of word screens you remember from a presentation? Exactly.

“Powerpoint and Keynote are test-based. That’s a problem. Don’t fall into the trap of using screens and screens of text. You’ll simply be transmitting thousands and thousands of pictures … and we’ll remember very few of them.

“However, tests have shown that people can remember more than 2500 images with at least 90 percent accuracy for days after initial exposure. So … what’s the difference?


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