Compare 2 of My Blog Posts – One with Images & One Without – Jacki Kellum the Power of Images in Social Media

Moments ago, I posted one of the Jacki Kellum Memoir Stories, using images.

You can see that illustrated story here

Here is the story without images – Compare – Which do you prefer?

The Day My Dad’s Dog Joined the Circus
by Jacki Kellum

My dad was a child during the Depression, a time when most people could not afford to feed their dogs; yet, because my dad’s dad had steady work throughout that time and because my grandmother had a heart as big as a circus tent, my dad would bring home the stray dogs; and my grandmother would feed them.

Even as a child, my dad would train all those neighborhood dogs to do circus tricks. My grandmother sewed costumes for each dog and a costume for my dad. On Saturdays, my dad would present the Greatest Show on the Block.

My dad’s favorite dog was named Pete. Pete would go everywhere with anyone–he even went to church with my grandmother, and he helped her sing in the choir.

Pete’s constant companionship was normally a good thing; but one day, Pete’s attendance created absolute mayhem.

One year, a real circus came to town–
A real circus with a Big Top tent.

My dad’s friend came to my dad’s house. They had planned to go to the circus together. Naturally, when it was time to leave for the circus, Pete began to follow.

“No, Not this time, Pete. You’ve got to say home.”

And off my dad and his friend began. Naturally, Pete did not listen. My dad took Pete back home and put him on the porch. That would fix the problem; and my dad and his friend continued to the circus.

My dad and his friend probably ate some cotton candy and some peanuts; and soon, it was time for the Trained Dog Act. Everyone was loving the performance and suddenly, There Was Pete! He was in the ring and performing with the other dogs.

The crowd loved it! But The dog trainer was furious! He ran around, chasing Pete and cracking his whip! Pete thought that this was his cue to do an even greater performance. The dog trainer got angrier and chased Pete faster and cracked his whip louder–he even hit Pete.

The crowd roared! But Pete was beginning to feel the heat and took off.  He ran beneath the tent’s edge–out to safety.

The Circus Dogs Followed Right Behind!

The Circus had to stop! All of the cirucs performers had to run through town, chasing the dogs, trying to catch them.

I am sure that they finally succeeded in catching those dogs; but that truly was—–


Copyright Jacki Kellum October 29, 2015

All Rights Reserved


I am offering a free series of lessons and challenges to help people understand the importance of using images in social media. Notice how very important the images were in telling the above story.

Anyone can add images to their blog posts. There is no need for one to be an artist. Everyone can use Google Images, and enhance all of your social media with them. Follow me for awhile, and I’ll tell you how to do that.

Join my Free 6-Word Memoir with Images Challenges. You do not need to be a writer OR an artist to do that:

Join the Challenge Here: 

Keep in mind that none of the images  on the images that I used on the illustrated story are my family’s photographs.

I found all of those images in Google Images

You can do that too.

In a few days, I’ll show you how to find some free images that you can feel sure are copyright free; but for now, let’s just play around. The worst that can happen is that someone can just ask you to get another image.


4 thoughts on “Compare 2 of My Blog Posts – One with Images & One Without – Jacki Kellum the Power of Images in Social Media

  1. I’m a visual person, so of course I always gravitate to essays with photos or drawings. They draw me in.
    Love the idea of your challenge. I try to use my own photos because, well I have taken thousands of photos over my lifetime and it is fun for me to dig into the treasure trove of them and share them. But I love the idea of your using the public access photos because it shows another way of finding illustrations.
    Wishing you the very best success with your challenge.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Of Course! You are in far better position for this challenge. Most of us don’t have your wealth of photos. PLEASE use your photos. That is the best yet. Please join the challenge. I will add more to the challenge every few days. It is just for fun–and to help all of us clarify some of our own ideas.


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