What My Great Aunt Said about Her Family’s Angora Goat

“At times Kenley and the boys took cattle to market in another city, and sometimeshen w they returned home family members received a surprise. One time when they returned from St. Louis, Kenley had purchased an angora goat which was in a large crate. Kenley and Mayme believed that the goat would be fun for the children by hitching it to a two- or four-wheel cart. This fun was not to be. When the crate was opened, the beautiful white angora goat came out running and jumping every fence for miles around. The family had no idea where the goat would go, but they knew quickly that it did not want to be a pet or to have anything to do with the Dunscombs or their barn. Kenley soon had to sell the goat, and it is believed that the person who bought it probably had a party serving barbeque to friends. Many of the children were saddened at the sale of the goat; however, the incident reveals the type of parents Kenley and Mayme were in trying to provide fun activities for their children.”

Curry, Mildred. Window to the Past, p. 47.

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