Why is Blogging Necessary for Those Who Wish to Publish in the 21st Century? Jacki Kellum Memoir

Why_is _blogging_necessary_publised_authors
Blogging Has Become A Necessary Step for Writers Who Hope to Be Published Authors in 21st Century

Would-Be Published Authors Need to Wake Up and Smell the Blogging!

I am an older gal and I find it difficult to believe that social media is actually necessary for writers today who want to become published authors. I am reading Nina Amir’s book How to Blog a Book. Nina was one of the early birds who learned how to harness the blog to make her books happen. In the front of the 2015 edition of  How to Blog a Book, Joel Friedlander tells us why blogging has become an essential resource for authors today who wish to be published.

“…blogging and book publishing–have changed!…

Where bloggers in earlier days were oftend treated the the illegitimate offspring of ‘real’ media, the attractions of blogging remain strong….

“But blogging continued to morph into new forms, incorporating multimedia, penetrating other social media platforms, and claiming a seat at the table. It’s common to see bloggers sittin on panels on broadcast news, and they are quoted everywhere.

“Blogs, in fact, are now the most trusted source of information for many consumers….

“…book publishing has continued to evolve toward a future of which no one is quite certain….

“…no group of people is better situated than bloggers RIGHT NOW to take advantage of the  historic movement to digital books and the exploding populatoin of self-publising.

“Soon, Internet marketing, an activity most bloggers learn about if they survive the first few years online, started to wake up to book publishing, too. Esoecially the speed and ease of digital publishing.

“And slowly, bloggers started using the content they had deveoped to publish real honest-to-goodness books, not just PDFs fi=ormatted to look good on screen….

“Traditional publishers are leaving more and more of the responsibilityfor marketing books to the authors themselves.”

Joel Friedlander | January 2015 | Foreward to How to Blog a Book by Nina Amir

Nina adds that blogging a book is a way for an author to build his platform. In other words, it is a way to become recognized as an authority in the book business; and it is a way to become noticed by agents and publishers

“You have to become your own public relations representative and promotion and marketing director. You have to start your own publishing company….

“Nowadays, blogs constitute one of the best ways to build the coveted author’s platform. A blog read by thousands of people each month goes a long way toward impressing upon a publisher that you are a good publishing partner with a marketable idea. It also proves that you will be able to sell your independently publilshed book.

“Many publishers now expect aspiring authors to have blogs and to blog often because this tool is so effective for creating successful books.” Nina Amir, How to Blog a Book, pgs. 4-5

Note: Nina Amir is teaching the November Nonfiction Challenge, which begins in 6 days November Challenge


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