Don’t Forget that Social Media Is Comprised of Humans and Not Machines

A year or two ago, I purchased an online workshop conducted by a  couple who have harnessed social media to sell books, themselves, etc., via various platforms. The couple were about 35-years-old, and the female was an absolute social media hog. Her goal to SLAY the public with her social media was obvious. I was sorry that I paid her to use me as one of the notches on her social media gun belt. I learned an important lesson, and it was not the ones that she intended to teach me.

Don’t Be A Social Media Machine – Be Human

Remember That Social Media Is Comprised of People and Not Machines

Be Personable

The female was so obviously desperate NOT to miss any chance to be seen that she literally shushed her husband and edged her way in front of him several times.

She was a PIG!

As I said, I learned my lesson; and I may have gotten my money’s worth–but it was not from what she was teaching–it was from whom she had allowed herself to become. She was a walking, talking example of who and what I did not want to be.

Don’t be one of THOSE kind of social media evangelist hogs!

Copyright Jacki Kellum October 27, 2015

All Rights Reserved.


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