How I Schedule My Day — Jacki Kellum Memoir – How to Write Memoir

6:30 – 9:15 [Keep in mind – this is an Eastern Standard Time Schedule]

6:30 – When I am really working hard, God himself awakens me at about 6:30.

When I am truly in a writing phase, I sleep more soundly. I may awaken during the night with an idea, but I keep a notebook by my bed and jot down the idea and fall back asleep. Before the sun is even up, I am awake!

6:45 – I make my first cup of coffee and check out my social media sites.

Just a helpful hint: Sometimes it is ok to just take time to smell the coffee. At 6:45 in the morning [on the East Coast] almost everyone else is asleep. Contrary to what many might have you believe, You Don’t Have To Be Slaying Social Dragons 24-7.  My early morning coffee and social time is just one for me to check in, wave at the world, and say, “Hello.”

Let those social dragons sleep a while longer. Relax.


7:00 – I begin writing — I write the serious stuff now!

Early morning is my best time of day for unraveling tangled writing, for creating someting totally fresh, and for just power-writing, in general. My brain begins to frazzle soon after that. Throughout the day, once I have written somehing worth sharing, I post it.

9:00 – I let my dog out and make another cup of coffee.

9:15 – The WordPress Daily Prompt is ready about now. [Remember, this is Eastern Time]

The WordPress Daily Prompt is the way that I blow the cobwebs out of my brain. Quite often, I modify the prompt so that I am still writing about the porject that I am currenlty unfolding at the time. Regardless, the Daily Prompt forces me to see things in a different light. It helps me to find undiscovered pots of gold.  

The Daily Post is free. Sign Up and Join the Rest of Us! 

11:00 – Time for Breakfast – Eat some eggs – Get some protein – Rebuild your brain!

11:30 – Revise and/or collate a project already begun

2:30 – Lunch – I buy Weight Watchers Smart Ones Omelettes and eat 2 to 3 a day. I do not cook. That is a waste of time, money, and resources. I eat a lot of eggs. That gives me a great deal of protein. The greatest blessing of the month is that McDonald’s serves breakfast 24 hours a day. Their eggs are cheaper than the ones in a box. If I am out, I eat eggs on McDonalds.

3:00 – 6:00 – I teach private art classes 

6:15 – Regenerative Bath and 1st Glass of Wine

Only a few hours ago, I told one of my students that before I can move into my evening work, I have to wash off the day. By 6:15, I am very nearly brain dead. I take a hot, whirlpool bath, and I drink a glass of wine. Invariably, that bath will tell me what to spend my evening doing.  Just now, it told me to write this post.

7:00 – During the Evening, I ponder my process and offer a few hard-earned tips.

To learn more about my craf, .I read.

If I discover something that strikes me as extremely helpful, I post that.


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