Whitaker Line – I Am Almost Related to Daniel Boone – Jacki Kellum Memoir

Fess Parker as Daniel Boone

Do you recognize this guy? I am almost related to Daniel Boone–OH, wait a minute. That is not Daniel Boone. That is Fess Parker; he just played Daniel Boone on television, when I was a kid.

Daniel Boone First Sights Kentucky

This Daniel Boone–this is the guy that I am almost related to.

Daniel Boone’s family and my ancestors, the Whitakers followed the same basic trek from North Carolina to Kentucky and to the Lincoln, Tennessee region.

Along the way, someone in Daniel Boone’s family, Catherine Boone, married my ancestor Mark Whitaker..

I know this is a stretch; but hey, when I was a kid, I watched Daniel Boone on television every week. I worshiped him.

In a previous post about John Pegleg Whitaker, I noted that he and Squire Boone arrived in Lincoln County, Tennessee together.

Catherine Whitaker formerly Boone
Born 1760 in Hunting Creek, Rowan Co., NCmap
Wife of Mark Whitaker — married March 1, 1780 in Dutchman’s Creek, Rowan Co., NCmap
Catherine was the daughter of John Boone

Squire Boone, third child of George III and Mary Boone, was the father of Daniel Boone the famous frontiersman.

I have lost the documents where I had figured this all out, but I believe that Catherine and Daniel were cousins. I KNOW they were somehow related.

Mark Whitaker was the father of John Pegleg Whitaker.


And they were both related to Adam and Eve. I promise. I have their original papers. lol!


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