Roberta Temes How to Memoir – Exercise 1 – Jacki Kellum Memoir

I have earnestly been pursuing the writing of my memoir for about 2 weeks now. According to Roberta Temes book, How to Write A Memoir in 30 Days, I should be 2 weeks into the mission. Befofe I got much further, I decided that I should read the advice of a few experts.

In today’s mail I received a copy of the Roberta Temes Memoir Book, and within words, I know that I have spent that $10 well.

Temes tells us that as we write, our life’s themes and rai·son d’être  will become clearer to us. Temes then outlines several different types of memoirs, and

On p. 1 – Day 1 she gives us our first assignment: “Think about your life and sum it up in 3 sentences.”

I recommend this book who are seeking a way to begin writing their memoir.

One more note: Memoir and autobiography are not the same thing.

Autobiography is facts, facts, and nothing but the facts–usually in linear fashion.

Memoir is looser and more creative. Like a butterfly daring around your garden, a memoir tastes the nectar in first one place and the next. A memoir is a type of creative nonfiction–with “creative” being the operative word.

I Have a Challenge for All My Readers: Type your 3 sentences and enter them as a comment to this blog post. 

Copyright Jacki Kellum October 15, 2015

All Rights Reserved

The following is quoted from the Roberta Temes book:

“Think about your life and then sum it up in two or three sentences. Con’t rush; let you mind wander in all directions. p. 1 …

“You might write and rewite; that’s okay. Think about your life and permit all your memories to rise up in your mind. Pondering to produce your sentences stimulates your memory and makes it easier for you to recall your early years and the significan t events of your life.” p. 3


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