My Ancestor James Whitaker Is Listed On the Register of Appalachian Aristocracy – Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Jacki Kellum Memoir Roots in Appalachia

I have to chuckle. I did just see on the Internet that my family is on the register of the Appalachian Aristocracy, but then, we have to ask ourselves, “How rich is that?”



The website begins as follows:

“I always joked that I was descended from Appalachian aristocracy. My mother is a Whitaker from Tazewell County, Virginia, the great-granddaughter of James Whitaker, Jr. He came from Smyth County in 1850 to purchase land that straddles Tazewell and McDowell County, West Virginia. It came to be known as Whitaker Ridge. It was wilderness when they settled, and it still is.”

The family didn’t make their mark upon the land as much as the land made a mark upon them. This area has an interesting history involving the making of moonshine and family feuds, and the Whitakers gained a colorful reputation for being an ornery bunch. Life on the Ridge was hard.  It took a great effort to make a living, so they had to be tough and determined.”

This is an interesting addition to the stew that I am brewing about my family. I just posted the glowing, syrupy report about how relgious and Holy the Whitakers were; and now, look at this! Blasphemy!

Oh! I found the problem — that was a bunch of ornery cousins! Lol!

The problem with family research–especially on the Internet–is that you cannot believe everthing you find!


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