Writing Memoir CAN Mend Circles and Unite Families Again

Writing Memoir Truly Can Restore Broken Family Circles

This time I have a couple of true stories to share:

I. When I was a kid, I HATED country music. Nonetheless, EVERY morning before dawn, my dad would blast country music from the kitchen radio. I hated the music, and I hated waking up to it. I could almost say that I hated my dad for invading my space with HIS musical preference and its noise.

Oddly, I rather like some country music now, and I’d give anything to be awakened by my dad’s blasting it from my kitchen once more. I absolutely LOVE this version of Will the Circle be Unbroken? I like the tune, the singing, the musicians, and the message. I like everything about this song.

II. I left home when I was 18; and after that time, I never returned–I only visited a few times–and my stays were often short and sometimes, they were not pleasant. I lived hundreds to thousands of miles away. My brother had 2 girls, and I hardly saw them at all. I would not say that I actually knew them. We were not friends on facebook. We did not know each other’s telephone numbers nor each other’s emails.

Because of the memoir that I am compiling, in which I share and reflect upon my mother’s memories–memories of my nieces’ grandparents–my nieces and I have become friends. This morning, one of my nieces emailed me, asking me if I would come home for Christmas and that she would help make it happen, by meeting my plane.

When I first begn sharing my memoir: What My Mother Said, I responded to a comment on my blog post. The person had said that what I had said was honest and sincere. Truth be known, there are several broken links in my family. I replied to that person’s comment: “When All Else Fails, Tell the Truth.” I went on to say that one of my main reasons for writing my memoir was to offer my family bridges to reconnect.

Thank you, God. It truly is beginning to work.

Jacki Kellum Memoir What My Mother Said

Copyright Jacki Kellum October 23, 2015

All Rights Reserved


One thought on “Writing Memoir CAN Mend Circles and Unite Families Again

  1. When the Towers fell, people turned to poetry for comfort. I’m not sure how that’s measured, but it was. Your memoir is building bridges in your family. The power of words. Thank goodness and God.


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