How to Increase Google Statistics – SEO – Search Engine Optimization via Titles & Images

Increase Google SEO Statistics
How to Increase Google Statistics & SEO

When I first began blogging, I was forced to focus on my blog site’s appearance and simply what I would say and how. I have been blogging two years now, and I have some writing that I want the world to discover. It is time for me to widen my net–LITERALLY!

I discovered an outstanding pdf that explains SEO or Search Engine Optimization, and how to increase one’s searchability in Google. The pdf is an official Google publication. Therefore, I feel that it should be the last word on how to be better seen via Google search:

The guide is a bit dense; therefore, I’ll summarize a few points that stuck out to me:

  1. What’s In A Name? Will a rose, by any other name sell as sweet? — Well not actually–at least, not on Google. 

I am an arty, poetic soul; and I like for my titles to have layers of mystical, picturesque meaning. Guess what! Google does not care for my clever titles. A blog post’s title is key to SEO. If I have named my blog post “Butterfly Breeze” [which is the actual title of one of my posts], I might get searchers who are looking at the migration of the Monarch butterfly [if I am lucky]. I’ll probably catch no butterflies at all. Jacki Kellum Poetry Butterfly Breeze

How to Increase Google SEO
How to Increase Google SEO and Search Statistics
Search Engine Optimization

 2. Tag Your Images 

Oh, I am an impulsive will-o-the-wisp. I do not like to take the extra 15 seconds that it would require for me to fill in search data for my images. Allow me to show you how simple that task actually is on a WordPress blog site:

When you search the picture files on your computer and select one to insert into your blog post, it comes up as follows, with important windows for information blank:

How to Increase Google Statistics
How to Increase Google SEO with Image Tags

Arrow 1. Title your tag with small letters and an underscore between each word: increase_seo_google

Arrow 2. Write a description with important keywords: How to increase your Google SEO Search Engine Optimization Statistics

Arrow 3. Prove an alternate title tag with small letters and an underscore between each word: how-to-increase-your-search-engine-optimization

Arrow 4. Write a description of the image. Again, use keywords.

This is just 2 simple ways that will definitely increase your SEO.

Remember: If it is worth saying – it is worth being read. Increasing your SEO is the way that people find you and read you.

Over the weekend, I plan to create a definitive guide to help you increase your SEO. I need to remind myself, too. Check back often. Jacki Kellum Increase You SEO

Take a peek at a joint memoir that I am collating, using my mother’s Depression era stories, along with some of my own memories: Jacki Kellum Memoir What My Mother Said

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