How to Write A Query Letter


How to Pitch Your Book
1. Title – For nonfiction, your subtitle may be more important than the title


2 thoughts on “How to Write A Query Letter

  1. How to write a qwerty letter. Sorry, that just came out. The advice above, of course, is sound. Except when the editor or publisher changes the title, anyway.

    I read what you wrote about turnip greens and corn pone, neither of which I’ve had. I don’t like turnips themselves, though maybe I’d like the greens. Mustard greens are okay, as long as there is vinegar for them. I don’t think I’ve had corn pone. My mother made a good corn bread, though.

    My mother grew up on a farm in Tennessee during the Depression. My guess is that your mother is about the same age mine would be except my mom died young. She didn’t say much about her childhood. What few photos there are are sad. When she came up north to live, she lost her accent and pretty much her remembrance of hard times–at least in terms of talking about them. I did learn that an orange is a special Christmas present. Something I remember every year at that time.

    We didn’t have much Southern cooking, growing up ourselves. She rarely made fried chicken. We had watermelon no more often than any other family might. We had spinach, which I like, rather than greens. I’ve learned much more about food from the South as a grown-up. Mom could make great corned beef and cabbage, but I think that reflects her Irish heritage on her father’s side more than simply being from the South.

    So glad you’re setting down your mother’s stories. Records for many are what we have by which to know them. Even history does not mean experience but a recording of experience.

    Thank you!

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  2. A recording of experience – what a beautiful distinction. By the way, turnips do not taste like turnip greens. I do not like turnips either. Turnip greens taste much like mustard greens; and I also add a vinegar.

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