What My Mother Said about Her Grandmother, Turnip Greens, & Corn Pone

Today, I ate turnip greens. That is one of my favorite things to eat; and copying my mother’s stories is starving me for good, old-fashioned food. My mother’s grandmother LOVED turnip greens, and she always cooked a batch of corn pone to accompany the greens. Following is what my mother said about her grandmother, the turnip greens, and the corn pone.

From the Memoir of Laura Mae Dunscombe Baker,
Born December 6, 1926

Recorded by Jacki Kellum, Born 1950

If you have read other of this series of posts, you will remember that my mother actually said what I will share–[that is not in square brackets]:

“Meals at Grandma’s, on any occasion, were always fabulous. My aunt lived there, and there was always my aunt and grandma to cook. More than one kind of cake and usually several pies and cookies. Always fried chicken and Grandma’s greens. She grew them and no matter the weather, she would go out every morning to pick a mess of greens. She cooked them with a slab of fatback, it was called. Very greasy! And even on holidays, made herself cornpone. A plain conrbread with no eggs and no baking powder. More or less a fried corn bread that no one liked but her.”

Copyright Jacki Kellum October 21, 2015

All Rights Reserved


2 thoughts on “What My Mother Said about Her Grandmother, Turnip Greens, & Corn Pone

    1. That IS a funny observation. I have no idea about that corn pone. I’ll ask my mom some more questions. It probably was buttermile and plain corn meal. Sounds wicked. I think I’d prefer the eggs and baking powder.


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