I Want to Create Picture Books for Adults


Ladybug Calling – Illustration by Jacki Kellum
[Destroyed in House Fire]

13 years ago, I was writing and illustrating for children, when my house burned and destroyed all of my writing and all of my art. I am just now getting myself back together enough to begin that work again. In the meantime, I have been working part-time as the Children’s Librarian in Linwood, NJ. The thought of my being a librarian will come as a shock to people who know me as the free spirit artist; and I assure you that I am still NOT the librarian type.

Yet, I do still love picture books; and because there is a God, he compensated for my house fire and placed me in a position where I have an endless exposure to picture books–to all books. In fact, I select and purchase the children’s book for our library, and in doing so, I have observed what kinds of books that today’s busy mothers actually check out and take home with them.

Most people today don’t have time to read tomes of words. Most people today like to catch a thought–often while multitasking. Most people today like their books short and sweet, and they like them filled with many images [a picture is worth a thousand words]. For those reasons, I have decided to try to pitch a new book format–picture books for adults.

Yesterday, I blogged the concept for one of the picture books that I feel would be appropriate for both children and adults:


I also discussed another picture book idea that I feel would be appropriate for both children and adults:


No doubt, the people who read books to young children are adults, and no doubt they take home books that they enjoy reading. I believe that all adults should experience the joy of picture books, and I believe that creating picture books for them is a sound idea.

I have begun 3 memoirs that I may seek to have published together or I might seek to have them published separately. I hpe to illustrate my memoirs with my own art. Hence, my memoirs will become illustrated books for adults. Although those will not be actual picture books–not the short and sweet books that are more picture than words. My memoirs will primarily have a painting at the beginning of each chapter and perhaps some smaller images scattered throughout. You can read about that idea here:


Copyright Jacki Kellum October 20, 2015

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Brainwave.”


2 thoughts on “I Want to Create Picture Books for Adults

  1. Wow, your post certainly puts mine to shame. I think the time is ripe for your picture book for adults because last week I saw a coloring book for adults and it was selling a lot of copies. Great idea and I wish you luck.


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