Judy Garland & Barbara Streisand – Happy Days

This is a Fantastic copy of two fantastic women singing a fantastic song.

Several things come to my mind. I am primarily reminded that even in her greatness, Judy Garland was never comfortable with herself and with her life.  My all-time favorite movie is Wizard of Oz.  More times than I could count, Judy Garland has carried me Over the Rainbow and back again.  Years ago, I did an entire body of work based on the theme: Over the Rainbow.  For me, Over the Rainbow is a kind of heaven–a heaven that Judy Garland unlocked.


That movie–that Judy Garland song moulded the course of my life; yet, Judy Garland never felt that she was enough.

From what I have read, Barabara Streisand is similarly haunted–at least a bit. Long ago, when she was at her peak, I heard Streisand talk about how difficult performing was for her–and she hardly ever performs now.

Loud and clear, the messages I hear are that most of us are not the best judges of ourselves and that we never feel that we are great enough–at least not great enough to please ourselves. Yet, even in our weaknesses [this is the BIGGIE], we have MUCH to offer.

“Even in our weaknesses, we have MUCH to offer.” – Jacki Kellum

Thank goodness, these two women, Barbara Streisand and Judy Garland, muddled through themselves to the point that they could share with others.


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