Google Me!


Camellia – Jacki Kellum Digital Montage

I am participating in an online class and today’s assignment was to perform a search on ourselves.


It was neat to see that Google knew who I was, but my greatest discovery is that Google still had an entire page of images that I thought I had lost–my digital montages, that I created immediately after I learned to use Photoshop.

My tendency to save borders on obsession. When I have time and the interest to do so, I sew bits of all sorts of things to make tapestry collages; and I have also made wacky dolls, in much the same way. Invariably, any time that I throw something away, I am sorry; and I thought that I had tossed all of my digital montages.

I am not creating digital art now; therefore, just days ago, I removed the page with those images from my blog site. I am using a different, simpler theme now, and all of the navigation tools are beneath the word menu.


When you touch the word menu, on the right of the page, you are able to search my blog site and find pages dedicated to specific types of information.


Formerly, there was a separate page for my digital images, and because I am not doing those now, I deleted that page. THEN I remembered that those images were saved on my last computer, which crashed, burned, and was dumped. Oh NO!!!!!

My digital art says a great deal about me, and it made me sad to think that I had lost that work. By performing a search on my own name, I found a missing link — LITERALLY!


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