What My Mother Said about Pretentious People & Politicians

Keep in mind that my mother made these observations 13 years ago. We had not experienced then nearly all that we see now. I do think that her words have been proven to be prophetic. Neither of my parents went to college; yet, they are some of the smartest people who survived the world and its games.

From the Memoir of Laura Mae Dunscombe Baker
Born December 6, 1926

Recorded by Jacki Kellum, Born March 13, 1950

If you have read other of this series of posts, you will remember that my mother actually said what I will share:

[I asked my mother what she was not good at doing]

“Anything athletic, except walking. I am bold to a point with strangers, but I am quite easily intimidated with people I’ve known for ages. I have leared the hard way to cook, but I never considered myself a talented cook. I am a good housekeeper and pretty good with flowers. (But not as good as you).

“I’m not good at pretense. I abhor falsity in people and can spot it a mile away. I have a knack for reading people and can tell their worth right away, but then I crawl away and don’t confront them.

“I’m speaking of people like Al Gore. To me he is the phoniest creature I’ve ever seen.

“Bill Clinton has streaks mafia intent,

but Al Gore is just plain phony. If he ever had an original thought it should have been recorded for posterity. He is pathetic.

“Oh, I can see things in the Bushies (as they call themselves) that I don’t like too. But mostly, I do like them. They are far superior to the others.

“But no one likes to criticize themselves. We like to think we have everyone fooled. Ha! Of course we don’t.

“One other thing, I can’t argue. I think of…[my mother named an aloof lady from our town], whom I’ve learned to love and respect over the years, and how she could cool your heels with just a flick of an eyebrow. No harsh words.

“Me. I’m all over you in a skinny minute, but no one listens. See? Just don’t know how to do it!!!!


Copyright Jacki Kellum October 17, 2015

As I have also said before, I have begun a 3-Way Memoir, where I’ll record some of my mother’s responses to some questions that I asked about her life.  I hope to have the memoir published for my mother’s 90th birthday on December 6, 2016.  It will be my grandmother’s story, my mother’s story, and mine–all told about our lives in the now very dusty and boarded-shut Bootheel of Southeast Missouri.

You can find excerpts from that memoir in various places on my blog, by searching:

What My Mother Said, Calico Cotton, Cotton Child, and When Cotton Was King.

All Rights Reserved

More about the upcoming book:



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