What My Mother Said About Her 1920’s Linoleum Rugs

I have begun to collate some of the things that my 89-year-old mother has said, over the years.

In 2002, I asked her some questions.  I have begun a 3-Way Memoir, where I’ll record some of my mother’s responses.

My mom began talking about the parties that her parents would host in their country home.  She said that they had one of the finest Victrolas around and because of that, people would come to the their house to dance. She continued:

“Since linoleum was ‘expensive,’ they just rolled it up and danced on the bare floors….

“The linoleum – well, I don’t know for sure, but I would imagine it was made form cork to a certain extent—that and maybe linseed oil or a tar derivative.  All hard pressed into a substantial rug, of a sort.  It didn’t last long, as I remember.  It seems every season, they had to replace the one in the kitchen, or just do with a worn one.  But it was very pliable and would roll up like a piece of canvas.  Of course, the top surface was quite hard and easily worn off.  Slick and a new one was a sight to behold.”

The way that my mom has expressed herself is absolute poetry:

“Slick and a new one was a sight to behold.”

When people marvel at my creativity and expressiveness, I point to my parents. My dad trained as a cartoonist and was a natural storyteller; and my mom was a poet and didn’t know it.

Copyright Jacki Kellum October 16, 2015

All Rights Reserved

image credit: http://www.oldhouseonline.com/history-of-linoleum-rugs/


4 thoughts on “What My Mother Said About Her 1920’s Linoleum Rugs

  1. Jackiie, My mom kept a rhymed diary when she was a teenager and young woman. It was hilarious and we loved it. When I was in my thirties, I asked to see it again, and she had destroyed it! “It was so silly,” she said, “I didn’t want someone to find it after I died!” She and I used to make up funny rhymed poems to send to my sisters in college or sometimes for my dad. I credit this with the fact that writing in rhyme is pretty effortless for me.

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  2. Writing in rhyme is easy for me, too. That is especially true for the writing that I do for children. Honestly, before 2 weeks ago, I never wrote any poetry for adults. NEVER I discovered something that seems to have unlocked me–popped my cork, so to speak, for writing. That is what prompted all that you have seen on my blog since then


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