Methinks Me Thinks Too Much


One of my dearest friends, Jack Lacy, was an English professor-turned attorney-turned prosecutor.  He was a consummate wit and wordsmith, and no doubt, he shepherded me through some very difficult years and helped me love language more than I did before I knew him.  When I was in college, I worked for him–I was his Girl Friday, and Jack often said to me, “Methinks me thinks too much.” God bless you, Jack Lacy, and with that, I begin my response to the Daily Prompt: Why Do I Blog?

I have always thought too much; and I think too much about too many things.  Sometimes all of my thoughts begin to wrap around each other–twisting and gnarling. Like a swimmer caught in a mass of heavy seaweed, my thoughts begin to pull me under. My blogs are ways that I segregate my thoughts, file them, manage them, and communicate them.

In a sentence: I blog to communicate, and communication requires both a speaker and a listener. I blog so that I can not only think, but I can think out loud–and people can hear my thoughts.

The full name of this blog site is Jacki Kellum: Justapositions – Read My Mind.  From the very beginning, I have wanted to communicate with people, and many, many people from all around the world have read snippets of what I have posted. My greatest goal now is to collate my thoughts and organize them–to ultimately be published.

I have actually begun the process of of collation and organization already. I have begun several memoirs, and I am directing various of my blog posts to one or more of those memoirs. Certainly, I could do that through Word documents and folders; and I did begin the process in Word several times–only to have my computer crash and burn my work with it.

In a blog, you risk that someone will steal your work, and I do date and copyright my posts now. [I have read that by emailing a copy of this or that to yourself, you do at least have proof of publication date.] But I have reached the point that hiding it under a bushel [NO! I’m gonna let it shine!] does not work for me. I have been sitting on many of my thoughts 60 years. My goal is not to think more–but to communicate! I have decided to take a chance on life and just let it go.

Copyright Jacki Kellum October 11, 2015

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Singular Sensation.”


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