Mums in My November Garden [with Photoshop’s Help]

Mums in My November Garden

On the Jersey Shore, November is almost the time to wave good by to the flower garden.  Yet, today when I looked across my yard, I had to admire the few brave soldiers who were seeing autumn through to the end.  Although the day was a bit overcast, I decided to try to take a few pictures.  The task would have been totally unrewarding if it had not been for Photoshop.  Regardless of where I elected to shoot, a bit of raggedness, straggliness, and or absolute expiration was blocking my pass.  I decided to snap a few pictures anyway–hoping to be able to salvage my efforts via Photoshop.

The best potential specimen in my garden today was the following group of mums which almost looked decent in the original photograph.  See my Adobe Photoshop Tutorial to see how I “fixed” the mums to make them seem nearly perfect: