Tips for Using Cloth or Fabric Adhesives Thread and Binder’s Board in Bookbinding and Art Journals

“Most books use cloth for all or part of the cover.  Binder’s cloth is a strong, durable cloth with a paper backing.   It can be purchased at binderies and paper stores.  Other types of cloth can also be used. If the cloth you want is a loose weave or is very thin, it must be backed with paper to give it added strength and provide a surface on which to spread glue.  Rice paper makes good backing material.

“Cloth and paper are adhered to a book using glue or paste. … polyvinyl acetate (PVA) is recommended.  It is white, dries clear and can be thinned with water.  You can substitute PVA with other white paper glues. …

“Professional binders use linen thread, which is strong but rather expensive.  As a substitute, use thick cotton thread, embroidery silk, or even dental floss if the book is small. …

“The front and back covers of most books are made with heavy paper or cardboard, Davy Board, a type of cover board used by binders, can be purchased from local binderies or through catalogs….For practical purposes, the thickness of the cover boards should be about 0.08 or 0.09 inch, except in cases when a thin board, such as shirt board (0.02), is required.” Making memory Books and Journals by Hand, pgs. 18-19.


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