Making Memory Books by Hand – Art Journals – Why Journal? Journal for Self-Awareness & Growth

ImageIn the introduction to an old, but good book on bookbinding and art jounaling, Jason Thompson said the following about Journaling:  “Faithfully keeping a journal is an art, a craft, a discipline, a ritual, and, for many journal keepers, a release–a conduit for the ideas, inspiration, experiences, and dreams that flow in and out of our daily lives.  The techniques vary, but the inspiration is universal.The daily process for many journalers is a way to say those things that don’t get said in every day life.  The insight we experience in quiet moments can gain strength and permanence when put on to page.  Our personal communication can lead to growth, change, and self-awareness, or just importantly, simply serve as a memory of a time and place to look back to later on in life.” Making memory Books and Journals by Hand, p. 8


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