Vintage Film Coney Island in 1940


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Vintage Film Coney Island in 1940

Coney Island:  The World’s Greatest Fun Frolic!

With Its Beach Miles Long All Peppered with People.


The Place Where Merriment is King.

Let’s Mingle with 1 Million Folks–Folks Who Are Just Like All of Us!

10 Hundred Thousand Youngsters and Oldsters

All Swimming and Playing…All Getting Their Share of the Fun in the Sun!


All Refugees from the City Heat

Sunbather2Here Where the Beach Meets the Cool Atlantic

Here in This Whirlpool of Joy….

Coney Island, World’s Biggest Barrel of Fun!


Some Take It Easy on the 4 Million Dollar Boardwalk

cartbackWhile Others Snap Pictures for Proof Back Home

That They Really Were Part of This Fun-Seeking Throng!

soldiercameraHurry! Hurry! Hurry!

HurryHurryHurryThe Strangest Sights from the Island.

 Straight This Way From the 4 Corners of the World

1 Dime–1/10th of a Dollar–We’ve Got the Show, If You’ve Got the Dime!


It’s Just Starting.  So Hurry Hurry.  See the Girls…

There Are Thin Ones.  There Are Fat Ones.


They’re All Inside!


Step Right This Way, Friends.

You Can’t Go Home Without A Permanent Souvenir.


Take Your Places.  Now Very Still.

postcard2Watch the Birdie and Smile! Now Presto.

We Have Down on the Farm at Coney Island


Surprises Galore!

FerrisWheelCries and Screams of Delight In These Cars That Tilt and Slide.


From One Attraction to Another, the Eager Million Moves On!

But Coney Island’s Greatest Eating Invention is the Frankfurter


It Was Here When the Place Was Known As Coney Cooks

The Hotdog Was Born


Zowie!  It’s Coney Island Caviar!

Coney’s Most Famed Free Attraction is the Big Bathing Girl


Bathing BeautiesWhere Mermaids from Near and Far Vie For Honors

Blondes, Brunettes, and Redheads

All So Shapely and Lovely That the Judge’s Job is Exacting


BathingBeautyWaistShows From Distant Lands

TigerTrainerRide to the Top of the Park to See the Home Show

rollercoasterOnly to See the Vertical Drop of 90 Feet


Description Coney Island (ca. 1940s) The great amusement zone in its heyday. Shotlist Brooklyn, N.Y.
  • 11:01:52:27- 11:02:13:25

Nice montage of Coney Island boardwalk. Starts with image of soldier taking his friends’ photo. All around them are people, and behind them we see “Ocean Baths.” Cut to a close up of two young women and men (they look stylish) in a close circle talking_behind them we see “Hyman’s Bar & Grill.” Cut to an overview of a crowded section of the boardwalk. . 11:02:14:03- 11:02:59:08 Crowd of smiling people standing around and looking up. Cut to MCU LA carnival or sideshow barker speaking into microphone and pointing while holding tickets. TU to pointer at freak show sign “Smallest Grown Ups On Earth”. People buying freak show tickets. Cut to lurid circus freak show posters: “Madam Zenda: World’s Greatest Mind Reader”, “Prof. Frank Graf: Human Art” (tattooing; poster only), “Marian: Headless Girl From London” (extremely lurid and practically indescribable), “Winsome Winnie: Fat Pretty And Jolly” (the circus fat lady), many others including “Zip & Pip: 2 Georgia Peaches”. Cut to very rare footage of midget PINHEADS (Zip & Pip, apparently) on display in the freak show. Cut to people milling about on Coney Island street.Date1940sSourcePrelinger ArchivesAuthorprobably Castle FilmsPermission
(Reusing this file)PD-USOther versions


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