Art Journal Freedom How to Journal Creatively with Color & Composition Dina Wakley – 2013 Book Overview

Art Journaling is certainly not a new fad to this artsy-craftsy generation.  Many books have followed the evolution of the trend for the past several years.  I cannot say that Dina Wakley’s book Art Journal Freedom offers any insights that I have not seen before; yet, it is a thorough introduction to Art Journaling and a good resource book for anyone who needs a fairly comprehensive overview of ways to Art Journal.  Wakley’s book does have some pointers for composition  and a bit more information about the color wheel than most similar books have.  The book is loaded with illustrations.  All of the work was done by the author; therefore, the work is representative of the multi-media styles shown in the above illustrations.  In my opinion, keeping an art journal can be helpful for artists in a number of ways.  The multi-media art journals encourage experiementation; and that can be good for helping an artist discover new approaches and for widening his horizon,  Any time that we take the time to draw and/or paint, we are practicing skills that deman repetion.  That is another great reason to keep an art journal.  For some, art journals may be nothing more than a set of notes about how one color or another was created or about ideas for future development.  In that respect, keeping an art journal can be an organizational tool.  As I said, there are many reasons to keep an art journal; and if you are looking for a resource to get you started, Dina Wakley’s Art Journal Freedom is a good choice.  Jacki Kelllum

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