Composition – Main Subject in the Right Third not the Left

File:Jan Vermeer van Delft 011.jpg

Although several names are applied to the principle, there is a long-standing understanding that visual art [including photography and design] is more effective when the main subject is not in the center–rather that it be placed in one third or the other of the frame.  Is one side of the frame preferred over the other?  The answer to that question seems to be yes–at least for us Westerners who read from left to right.  We also seem to prefer to view our images from left to right.  We have a tendency to enter from the left; to travel across the median; and to rest in the right third of the canvas.  The Golden Section- as it relates to this tendency.

File:Golden section construction 3.png

File:Cornu Spiral.svgFile:Golden section construction.png


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