How to Create Black & Orange Shiny Plastic Halloween Poster Sign Photoshop Tutorial

BlackOrangeCheckHalloweenSignYellowStrokeThis Tutorial Builds on the Previous Posting.  Before you can create this sign, you must first create the Black and Orange Check Tile in this tutorial:

Create a new document 30″ wide by 8″ High.  From the Tool Bar, click on the Foreground and Background Tabs and enter the following:

Foreground Color #050e41 Background Color #01030f

Click on the word Layer – New Fill – Gradient from the Foreground Background Colors Set


From the Tool Bar, click on the Type Tool.  From the Options Bar, select Blackoak Std, size 150 px,; Stron; Color Orange;

Type the word Halloween.  Initially, the word will not be tall enough.

Go to the top bar and click on the word Type – Rasterize Type

Return to the top bar and click on Edit – Transform – Scale — Make the type taller


With the orange word Halloween selected in the Layers panel, go to the bottom of the panel and click on fx.  Select Stroke and add a Yellow stroke at 10px

Return to fx.  Select Pattern Overlay and select the Black and Orange Pattern that you previously created.

Halloween Sign Pattern

Return to fx and select Bevel and Emboss and use an Inner bevel with these settings:  Smooth; Depth 100%; Up; Size 5; Soften 0; Angle 158; Altitude 30; Use Global Light Selected; Gloss Contour; Anti Aliased NOT Selected; Highlight Mode Screen 75%; Shadow Mode Multiply 75%;

Return to fx and add a drop shadow.


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