How to Create Watercolor Salted Sand Effect Paint with Photoshop Blending Mode Effect


Create a new document 12″ x 12″

On top bar, select the word Layer and then New Fill Layer – From the Gradient Palette, Select the one made from the Foreground and Background Colors [Foreground Color Tab: 253ca2 Background Color: 050c24]


Create a New Layer and Set Foreground Color to f5ad13

Select the Rectangle Tool [Beneath the Type Tool in the Tools Panel] and Draw a Rectangle across the lower one third of the canvas.


Simultaneously press CTRL [CMD on Mac] and Click on the Rectangle image itself on its layer on the Layers Panel.

Select the Brush Tool and Change the Foreground Color to c75705

On the Options Bar [Second from Top], Choose a Large Soft Round Brush and set the size to 1200 Px.

In the Brush’s Blending Mode Box [Still on the Options Bar] select the word Dissolve from the Drop Down Menu.

Leave the Opacity at 100% and the Flow at 1%.

Lightly Dust a bit on Sandy Texture Across the Rectangle.


On the Top Bar, Select the Word Edit; and from the Drop Down Menu, Select Transform and from that Menu, Select Warp.

A Mesh will form across the rectangle


Grab the mesh on any of its bars and make the rectangle appear to be more natural.


You can make the Effect more subtle by going to Filter, Blur, Gaussian Blur 2%



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