How to Paint & Shade a Moon With Photoshop Blending Modes Painting – Without Gradient


Repeat the first several steps of the previous post:

Let’s Begin with a new document 12″ x 12″.  I begin with a transparent or white background and when the document opens, I go to Edit – Fill – and select a color.  The color of this sky is 1a0756

Select the Custom Shape Tool, which is hidden beneath the Rectangle Tool on the Tools Panel.  If you do not see your tools, go to Window on the top bar and from the drop down menu, select Tools.  I dock my Tools on the left.

Image The Custom Shape Tool is uncovered in this image.  It looks like a Blob and is beneath the Type Tool.

Before you actually use the Custom Shape Tool, go to the second bar from the top.  This is the Options Bar.  Click in the color area and enter the following yellow color: fff200  Also enter that number as the color of the yellow in the Foreground Box on the Tools Panel. Do not select a Strokes Color.

On the right end of the Options Bar, you can select any number of Photoshop’s Custom Shapes, once you have added them to you menu.


There is a Drop Down Menu Arrow immediately to the right of whatever Custom Shape happens to be showing.  Click on that arrow and search for the Moon shape.  If it is not available to you, click on the little gear shape at the top right of that area.  From this gear shape, a list of shapes that you can add will appear.  Click on the word ALL and from the Dialog box, click APPEND.  Then search for the Moon Shape and select it.

Drag a nice, fat moon on your canvas.



The Exercise Changes Here:!!!!!

First Choose the Color that you want to use for Painting Your Shading and Change the Foreground Color to match.  I have used the following:  ff8a00  [The Background Color Will not Matter]

Select the Brush Tool.  And from the Options Bar [the second bar from the top], Choose a Large, Soft Brush and enter the following:  [Size=825; Beside the word Mode, select the word “Dissolve” (That is the Blending Mode that we will use for the brush here); Opacity 100%; Flow 25%]  All of the Settings can be altered except the Blending Mode.  It must be set at Dissolve Here in the Options Bar [Options for the Brush being Used].

ImageSimultaneously Click on CTRL [CMD on a Mac] and the Moon Image Itself in the Layers Panel.  This will prevent your painting from spilling on the background.  Just glaze the edges of the moon with your paint.  You can alter the opacity and/or reduce-add paint to meet your own preferences.  


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