Spirals in Art, Design, & Math

Animation of Spiral Curve
Animation of Spiral Curve from Wikipedia

I have become quite interested in Surface Decoration, Pattern, Fabric Design, etc. and in doing so, I have been led into a scavenger hunt for design motifs.  Everyone is aware that even prehistoric man drew images.  I would love to know when man began to reduce his images into motifs–the decorative or ornamental marks that are characteristic of graphic design.

I am not a mathematician; but in beginning to research the origins of decorative marks, I have learned a great deal about Curves from Wikipedia sites that are definitely math-oriented.

I thought that others might also enjoy some of what I have learned.

On the wikipedia site, I discovered that prehistoric spiral-ornamented artifacts have been discovered in Romania.  Sprials were also used quite frequently in the architecture and ornamentation of Ancient Greece.



Like other design motifs, the Spiral echoes Nature herself.



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