Photoshop Effects Tutorial Blend Modes for Digital Art, Montage, Collage, Abstract Juxtaposition, Silk Screen, Serigraph


“Let Photoshop be your Playground.” – Jacki Kellum

For both your sake and mine, I wish that I could tell you exactly what will work for you with Blend Modes; but the honest truth is that I just stumble into my images via experimentation.  Sometimes I duplicate layers up to 10 times because each duplication adds more pixels to the mixes.  I also try shifting the top layers because that creates even more variables.

Although the vintage typist is in the image shown here, I am merely using the tones of the photograph.  The result of this mix looks like a silk screen or serigraph to me.  The Fair Ground is on top and is blended with a Hard Mix.  The Typist is second; and there is another Fair Ground on Bottom.

Photoshop serves many purposes for me–and none of them have anything to do with photography.  I use Photoshop to create Digital Art that stands on its own as art; I also use Photoshop to get ideas for print making.  I also use Photoshop to try different color schemes.

Probably most important of all, I use Photoshop for Play.  Everyone needs to just be able to jump in and play.  As long as you duplicate your background image and NEVER save your resultant images with the same names as your working images, you are safe.  Just play.  Loosen up.

“Let Photoshop be your Playground.” – Jacki Kellum



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