Photoshop Effects Tutorial Blend Modes – Color Burn to Deepen Blue Sky – Create Mood in Digital Art and Film


A Sky Color Burned in Photoshop’s Blending Modes.

The original sky photo:


This  week I am doing an in-depth exploration of Photoshop’s Blend Modes.  As I said yesterday, Photographers regularly use Blend Modes to “fix” bland or otherwise challenged photography.  Digital Artists and Film Makers, however, also rely on Photoshop to push very good photographs to something beyond photography–to something that not only depicts but also expresses.

For today’s featured image, I used the Color Blend Mode Color Burn to push what was already an excellent Sky Photograph to something beyond–something more Arty or Film-worthy, perhaps.

I opened the sky photograph and duplicated the original, which was the background layer.  With the upper sky layer selected, I selected Color Burn from the Blending Modes menu on the Color Palette.


Again, in this photograph, the resultant sky is more than a mere photographic adjustment–the sky becomes a statement.  Had a photographer merely wanted to deepen the sky and still retain a more realistic effect, he could have used the Blend Mode Multiply with the upper layer.



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