Adobe Flash Tutorial Regular Flash Drawing Mode Like Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Flash has two drawing modes.  In that one part of a shape or drawn image can be selected independent from the entire shape, Regular Flash Drawing Mode behaves much the same way as drawing in Adobe Illustrator.

In a new document, I clicked beneath the rectangle shape to draw with the Polystar Tool.  If you look at the bottom of the Tools Panel, you will notice a button that looks like a magnet.  Next to that, there is a square with a circle inside it.  That is where you elect to draw in either Object Drawing Mode or Regular Drawing Mode.  When that button is depressed [highlighted], you are drawing in Object Drawing Mode.


I opened the Properties panel so that you can see the size of both the polygon and its stroke.

When a shape is drawn in Object Drawing Mode, you must edit either the entire shape or none.  In Regular Flash Drawing Mode, however, you can edit any part of the shape independently.  I created the rectangle in Regular Flash Drawing Mode:


At the top of the Tools Panel, there are two arrows.  By clicking on the lighter arrow and then clicking on the rectangle, you will select the entire rectangle.  Yet, [in Regular Drawing Mode] when you click on the darker arrow, you can select only one part of the rectangle to edit.  The area that you have Selected will be filled with tiny dots.


In the above example, the darker arrow was used to select only the top Stroke of the Rectangle.  That top Stroke was then pulled away from the rest of the rectangle.  I could have clicked on delete; I could have moved it to another part of the stage; or I could have done any number of other things at that point.  To return the stroke to the rectangle, click on CTRL or CMD Z.

By using the Marquis Selection Tool, the entire shape can be broken apart:


In a subsequent post, I’ll show you how the Regular Flash Drawing Mode has been crucial in my creating an Animated Flash Intro for my new YouTube Channel [Cre8-TV] [that I’ll be launching in September].  I have many tutorials for you; and I have discovered that I need a live video format, like YouTube for that.

Keep watching this post; and you will benefit from what I have learned about making Cre8-TV [my new YouTube Channel] happen.


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