How to Draw with Photoshop Custom Shapes and the Warp Tool – Learn to Follow Your Intuition


Begin by creating a new Photoshop document that is 12 inches by 12 inches, with white background.  On the Tools Panel, select the Custom Shape Tool, it is hiding beneath the Rectangle in the Shapes Tool Group.


You may choose from several different Custom Shape Options from the Custom Shape Tab on the Options Bar, which is second from top, beneath the Applications Bar.  You will select the Raindrop Tool from the Drop Down Menu.


You will also set the Fill Color on the same bar.


Our creation looks like a yellow atom bomb at this point.  With the Shape selected in the Layers Panel, type CTRL or CMD T.  When you see a curved line twist the shape as is shown.


We still need to add some lyricism.  To do this, go to the Edit tab on the top bar, the Application bar.  From the Drop Down Menu, select Transform Path, from the Pop-Out Menu Select Warp.  This mesh will appear around your shape:


You can use any of the 4 square handles or any of the 8 dark dots or any of the lines within the mesh to tug your shape into position.  Warning:  Move slowly.  Otherwise, you will be creating Picasso Raindrops quickly.

As I began to twist, and warp, all sorts of creations evolved.  Following any of these leads at this point is the way to allow your intuition to lead you into new creations.

You try this; and I will also try this.  See you back here in an hour or two; and we’ll compare notes.

My first creation is a Swordfish.  I added 2 circles for the eye and pupil.


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