How to Create Paisley Pattern with Photoshop Part 1- Warp Tool – Intuition – Also Composition Rules


Please refer to the initial steps of this tutorial, which explains how to use the warp tool and the custom shape tool to create any simple image–including the twisted raindrop seen in paisley designs:

Also see this video for some insight into the history of the Paisley design:


Quite often, paisley designs have a center of interest in the upper part of the image, i.e. this [which is also a Custom Shape Tool]

ImageFloral motifs are common in Paisley.  If we stopped our design at this point, the viewer’s eye would immediately focus on the yellow floral motif.  Additional shapes, lines, etc., must be added to pull the viewer’s all around and through the image. A repetition of dots is often used for this purpose.  The dots most often follow the outer wall of the design in an invisible parallel line.  With the Ellipse Tool selected, [it is hiding beneath the Rectangle Tool or above the Custom Shape Tool, and holding the Shift Key [to constrain the shape to that of a perfect circle], Draw one circle:

ImageWith the layer of that dot selected, hold down the CTRL or CMD key and type the letter J.  This will copy the dot; but the new dot is hidden beneath the first dot, until we pull them out.  With the Selection Arrow pressed, pull the second dot out and down a bit:


Continue this process until you get completely around the shape; but as the shapes move downward, they should be decreased in size incrementally.  You do this by clicking on CTRL or CMD T and pulling the box a bit inward. Be sure to hold down the Shift key.  This will prevent your circle more morphing into an oval.  Image

ImageI have not taken the time to be sure that each dot is placed perfectly; but this is the general idea.  Also, I did not reduce the size for every dot.  The dots would have become too small too quickly that way.

The Floral Motif often has a Leaf and Stem Motif.  Add a New Layer and Then Change the Color Fill.  I Chose another of the Custom Shapes; I Free Transformed it into the general direction that I wanted it to be:

ImageNext, I go to Edit, Transform Path, Warp; and I’ll make the stem fit better with the other shapes there.  The stem also needs to run parallel to the sides and the dots–as far as possible.  If you play with this long enough, you can make this work perfectly.  I am rushing a bit.  You may have to delete the stem and begin over and over again.

ImageNow, I’ll add some leaves.  Again the top leaves need to be smaller than the lower ones.  This is necessary for the design to be harmonious.  They also need to correspond to the other shapes.

ImageWith the layer leaf selected, I copied it [CTRL or CMD J] I went to the top of the page and clicked on Edit – Transform Path – Flip Horizontal and pulled the other shape into place.

ImageAgain, with the latter leaf layer selected, CTRL or CMD J; bring the leaf down; CTRL or CMD T to reduce the size.

ImageThe Paisley Design is Still Not Complete to My Satisfaction.  I Need to Add Some Green to the Top [to Bring My Eye There] and for the same reason, I need to bring a bit of yellow into the bottom.  I also want to bring more black throughout the design.

I am not going to resolve this issue yet.  Working through this exercise on your own is an excellent way to invite your Intuition into the game.  It is an excellent way to learn to listen for the Intuition; hear it; and apply it.

The Game is A Foot.Image


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