How to Create 3-d Photoshop Text Effect Without Cs6 Part 3


In order to complete this exercise, I am moving back a step.  As I said before, the punched gold metallic pattern is one that I created.  Creating that pattern is fodder for an entirely different set of posts.  For this Text Effect, I will begin by using a Style that comes with Photoshop.  Go to Window at the top of the page [the Application Bar].  From the drop down menu, select Styles.  The Styles panel will open; and you will use the Style named Ancient Stone.  [You see the name when you hover over the sample.  If that doesn’t work, right click and select Rename Style.  You will not Rename; but this will allow you to see the name of the Style selected.  This is how the text looks with the ancient Stone Style:


Select the Layer with the Group on it; and apply the same Style to the Group


Now, distinguish and darken the group by applying a gradient to just the group layer.  To do this go to fx at the bottom of the panel and from the menu, you will add a Drop Shadow, a Gradient Overlay and Inner Glow — one effect at a time:




Studio3003blackbgText1After this step, I returned to the Studio Layer; clicked on fx; and beveled the text with an inner bevel:


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