How to Create 3-d Photoshop Text Effect Without Cs6 Extended Part 2


At the end of Part 1 of this exercise, our text looked like this:


Now, we are ready to carry this project to the next level.  Return to the background layer on the layers panel.  This should be on the bottom.  If it is not, move it there.  With that background layer selected, go to the fx button at the bottom of the layers panel and select Gradient Overlay.

When the dialog box opens, insert these settings:



Be sure that the Studio Layer is on the top of the Layers Panel and type CTRL or CMD T the command for Free Transform.  Pull the middle box upward and/or downward to make the front layer larger [Remember the perspective rule that the closes items  are relatively larger than the back.  With the Dark Arrow on the tool box selected, click the left arrow key to move the front layer to the right.  This increases the amount of depth.

ImageNow, we are going to apply an fx.  With the top layer selected, click on fx at the bottom of the layers panel; and select pattern overlay.  I have applied a pattern that I have designed.  I’ll teach you how to do that in another tutorial.

Studio13PatternoverlauText1-2 I must teach a class now.  I’ll finish with Part 3 later today.


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