How to Create An Illustrator-Like Design in Photoshop


Caribbean Parrot – A Scheme by Design – Created in Photoshop

I have decided to add a new feature to my blog.  I am calling it Schemes by Design.  At least once a week, I’ll post an original design that I have created in one of the Adobe programs.  I will share the color codes for the design–thus the name of the series: Schemes by Design.  Image

It is probably preferable that Adobe Illustrator be used to create the type of design seen in the piece Caribbean Parrot.  I realize, however, that many people have only invested in one program; and that one program is often Photoshop.  My Parrot illustrates the fact that Photoshop is not merely a program for working with photographs.  It can be a complete design tool.

I began the Caribbean Parrot as one large black rectangle.  After that, I added the large shapes as more rectangles.  I transformed the rectangles into amorphous shapes via use of the Distort and Warp tools.  You find these tool by going to Edit at the top of the work space.  From the drop down menu, you go to Transform Path.  I then selected distort and/or warp.  I created the divider lines with the custom shape tool, which hides beneath the rectangle tool.  It looks rather like a blob.  From the group of custom shapes, I selected the shape that looks like an eyelash.  Again, I had to warp these lashes into the position that I wanted.  To tidy the outer edge, I added thin rectangles around the outer edge.

I want the Schemes by Design tutorials to be a resource for any graphic artist.  It should be especially helpful in helping choose color schemes.  Every post will feature a new design and a new color scheme.

Keep checking back and collect them all.


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