How to Create Textured Text Effect White Grid on Orange Styles Photoshop Easy


Open a new document 8″ x 8;”

Click on the word “File” on the top of the page and “Save as” letterx


Click on the Type tool, which should be on the side Tool Bar, [if not click on the word “Window”, which is on the upper bar.  From the drop down menu, click “Tools”]


Click on the Type Tool [the large “T”] and on the top bar, click on the rectangle that might be another color and enter the following, in naming the color: ffffff

That is the code for the color white.  The white rectangle on this image is the option for changing font color, when the Type tool is selected.  The second bar is the Option bar; and the options change according to the tool selected on the  Tool bar.  Also change the font size to 350 pt. The drop-down menu next the the T, where my image shows 350,  only allows you to go to 72 pt.  Drag select the 72 and type 350.  On this same bar, select the font Blackoak std.


With your options set, click on your work space and type a lower case “x.”

The letter is entirely too fat for my tast.  I dragged select the letter and click on the “CTRL” button and “t” on the keyboard.. This is the shortcut for Transform.  Hold these down; and grab the middle, right side handle and push to the left.  This will make your “x” narrower.

Go to the word “Window” on the top bar and click the word “Styles.”  This will open the Styles Panel. Click on the Orange button, which is third from the left on the fourth row.



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