How to Create Repeated Pattern – Custom Shape Tool, Fabric, Foil in Photoshop


Harlequin Cheetah – Digital Montage – Photoshop Pattern for Backgrounds

This is one of the first Montages that I created with Photoshop.  As far as a repeated pattern, this one is a breeze.  In Photoshop Cs6 [I do not know whether or not this tool is in earlier versions of Photoshop], there is a dynamo tool–the Custom Shape Tool, which is hiding beneath the Rectangle Tool, which is located on the Tool Bar.  [For absolute beginners, you can find the Tool bar and other panels by going to the Window tab along the top.  From the drop-down menu, select Tools, History, and Layers]  Image

Image Image

In the second photograph, the Custom Shape Tool has been selected

The various choices [or options] that you can create using the custom shape tool is hidden in a drop down menu on the Options Bar, which is beneath the very top bar.  In the following photograph, you will note that I have selected the Harlequin Pattern.

My foreground color is set as black and my background color is set as white, as can be noted on the tool bar photos [which are above]:


I scanned a gilded cheetah print fabric for the first layer; and I pulled the black and white harlequin shape tool over the cheetah; and this was the result.

In the next post, I shall show you how to merge several prints and fabrics together and then how to apply the harlequin tool over the merged prints.


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