How to Create Repeated Background from Child’s Art for Background or Scrapbook Paper

Nathan Rooster Pattern RepeatReducedNathan's Rooster - Age 6

Several of you fell in love with Nathan’s Drawing of a Chicken.  He is one of my 6-year-old students who, in September, will be in First Grade.  Can’t you just imagine the fun that you could have by repeating a child’s drawing.  You could create scrapbook paper; your could paint or otherwise transfer the pattern to fabric and quilt it; or you could just overlay it in Photoshop and create something very magical.

Unless the outer edges of the sample image are all of the same color, there will appear to be seams between the repeats.  Therefore, I began by expanding the canvas behind Nathan’s drawing so that white completely surrounds the art.  I did this in Photoshop.  I saved the new image. I then went to edit at the top of the page and from drop down menu, I selected Define Pattern.  Afterwards, I created a new, much larger document; went to Edit again, Selected Fill and then Pattern.  Voila.

I am creating both an e-book for these steps and a video for YouTube.  Have Fun!


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