How to Draw and Repeat Paisley Pattern – No Photoshop Needed



Paisley Pattern Hand Drawn and Repeated in 1990

If you do not have Adobe yet, you can still create repeated patterns.  It is quite time consuming; yet, I do not believe that the time required to explore this option is time wasted.  Technology is wonderful for making things easier and faster for us to execute.  Remember–Fast is not usually the best approach.  Also remember–

“Slow down.  You cannot smell the roses when you are zipping by at 80 mph.” – Jacki Kellum

The steps for designing and repeating a paisley  pattern are as follows:

Draw one paisley pattern.  

On graph paper, mark where you want the repeated patterns to fall

Using a light box, place the one paisley pattern template beneath the graph pattern and using the graph trace it over and over and over.  

If you do not have a light box, you can tape your graph paper to a window that is lit by daylight.  



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