Create to Become More Creative – Use It or Lose It!


Withered White Hibiscus – Jacki Kellum – Watercolor

Create to Become Creative.

We all know that unless the mind is used, it withers.   Ultimately, it dies.  Continuous stimulation is the best way I know to prevent old-age mind. We should do something mental daily–if for no other reason than that.

Writing–even blogging is a good, mental exercise; but painting and drawing [if they involve the mind and are not mere handiwork] are also excellent in this regard.

The very good news is that the more we create, the more of creation comes to us.  In a very Zen-like way, only through emptying the vessel can new be attained.  Our creative mind functions as a type of bellows.  In emptying our minds, new is drawn.  As that is released, the inner flame is fed and grows.  At each drawing in and releasing, our fires burn hotter and hotter.  Yet, if we quit pumping, the fire dies.   When this happens, we have only ourselves to blame.

Remember that the art is there; but without our efforts, it may as well not be.  If we sit around and wait for inspiration to drop upon us, like the angel Gabriel, we will wait ourselves to death.

“Art is not something that happens upon you.  Art is something that You happen.” –

Jacki Kellum  

Use it or lose it–literally.


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