I Blog to Paint

ImageRed Hibiscus 1 – Jacki Kellum – Watercolor

Although I have masters degrees both in Writing and in Visual Art, I actually prefer to be a painter [I figure: a picture is worth a thousand words].  Yet, painting is much harder for me than writing.  Everything has to be aligned perfectly for me to paint.

This past year, I had a rather bad winter [that is not unusual for me–I know that I must have seasonal depression]; and I have spent the past several months trying to get myself back on track.  I have procrastinated [procrastination is an outgrowth of fear]; I have stumbled around in my disorganized house and studios [disorganization is an outgrowth of procrastination].  I finally decided that enough is enough [again]; and a few weeks ago, I began blogging.

Hint:  If one type of expression is easier for you to do than another:  Begin There!  But be sure that you are not just hiding–and finding an excuse to procrastinate longer.

I began blogging; and it has helped me to reorganize my thoughts and to re-gain my focus.

I suffer from a rather Hamlet-like problem:  Methinks Methinks Too Much!

I think constantly–and many of you do, too, I feel sure. If not, your thinking cap may have become clogged by all the muddled thoughts that have churned and churned themselves into a knot.  My brain becomes much like a box full of loose cords.  [Question of the day: If the world has gone wireless, why is there still a huge, gnarled labyrinth of wires beneath my computer desk?]  Unless I do something to organize my thoughts, my brain knots itself like my computer wires do.  I become paralyzed.

The best way to organize your thoughts is to list them–to spell things out.  A blog does just that.  It allows you to list the things on your mind.  It doesn’t even demand that the thoughts be logical or sequential.  A blog is a perfect vessel to fill with the stream of your own consciousness–and then watch that same stream float away.  Your record of the thought is preserved on one of the largest and most reliable resources available–the world wide web.  I have discovered that when I am able to “spell things out,”  I can let the crippling thoughts release the knot inside my head that is imprisoning my spirit.  Only then am I able to paint.

I Blog Because the Caged Bird Does Not Sing! – Jacki Kellum

I blog for several reasons–and blogging achieves several goals for me:

“By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. ” – Mark Victor Hansen

However, the main reason that I blog is as follows:  I am a Painter; yet, when I am not at peace, I am a Painter who has lost my vision.  The disorganization and jumble of thoughts blind me and paralyze me.  I have discovered that blogging helps to alleviate that problem.

Bottom line:  I Blog to Paint! – Jacki Kellum 


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